Steve Moseley

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has been thumping the tub for outdoor activities as a healthy salve with which to treat cabin fever during the present crisis.

You know the one.

This is because fishing, camping, hiking and such are easy to enjoy within the common-sense rules of social distancing, plus they are healthy, wholesome and typically free.

I enthusiastically subscribe to this thinking which anyone who visits these columns on Thursdays or is one of the 400- plus friends on my Facebook page will confirm. The virus has ramped up everything. Fishing has become my personal weapon of choice in our shared struggle against this dread disease. I deploy it often.

More recently the Moseley Clan kinda, sorta quarantined together at Johnson Lake. All were present and accounted for save my mom, who is locked down in the Kearney Vets Home, and son Jarrod. He and his wife, Rhonda, live in Phoenix where they remained, the better to protect us from potential exposure to Arizona’s COVID-19 rampage.

Son Aaron brought his 24-foot Bayliner and a slew of inflatable rubber goods, skis, knee boards and the like for playtime. I dragged my 16-foot Alumacraft to the lake stuffed with 11 rod and reel outfits and tackle up to here for our clan’s many anglers.

We enjoyed rib night by devouring five racks of Grand Central’s fabulous smoked baby back ribs like wolves on an elk carcass. (Buy them Fridays only. Do not be late.)

We consumed mass quantities of upscale pizza, burgers and (yes) whole lobsters at The Nautical Rose restaurant (for you old timers it’s the former Sax Pizza at Lakeshore Marina).

My useful tip a couple weeks ago in this space was how to fart in a wetsuit 30 feet down. This week’s reveal is perhaps a tad more civilized.

What you do, see, is show up at The Nautical Rose on Wednesdays beginning at 5, plunk down 20 bucks (cash only please) then sit down on the outside deck or inside as you wish, roll your sleeves (way) up and dive into the dismemberment and consumption of a pound-and-a-half whole lobster, cole slaw and roasting ear rolled in something tasty and Italian.

Mose says, “Check it out!” You’re welcome.

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