When you live in Nebraska and the fall sports season is quickly approaching, thoughts go directly to the Nebraska football team and their quest for a BIG 10 Championship and a possible national title berth.

But over the past several years it has not been the football team that has been in the national limelight.

The Husker volleyball team has captured two national championships two of the last five years and played for a third two years ago.

The Huskers won national championships in 2015 (Omaha) and 2017 (Kansas City) their most recent. They played in the 2018 final, but came up a little bit short in a five set loss to Stanford who has won the last two championships.

With the BIG 10 going to just a conference schedule for the 2020 season, Nebraska will miss out on playing some pretty good non-conference teams, but don’t worry the BIG 10 may be one of the best volleyball conferences in the country.

Last year Wisconsin was runner-up to Stanford, Minnesota made the final four, Nebraska lost to Wisconsin in the regional final and Penn State was also a player in the national scene.

Teams like Purdue and Michigan should also field darn good teams.

So an all BIG 10 conference schedule is going to be a real challenge for all the teams in the conference.

In 2019 Nebraska did not celebrate Senior Night.


Simple, they didn’t have any seniors. So for the 2020 season the Huskers return everybody and add to that a No. 2 ranked recruiting class and I think the Huskers have to be one of the prohibitive favorites to raise the national championship in Omaha come this December.

Competing in the BIG 10 will more than prepare Nebraska for the rigors of a tough schedule in the post-season.

This week

For the first time in a long time this week offered up a feeling that things were getting closer to normal.

I took pictures at the York Tennis camp; I went over to the York Dukes team football camp where I shot photos and talked to coach Glen Snodgrass; I shot photos and talked with head coach Chris Ericson at the Dukes volleyball camp with UNK and on Friday I shot some York Youth Football photos.

You would think that this would give me a lot of hope that a fall season could take place.

I’m still hopeful, but all over the country COVID-19 positive tests are on the rise. It just appears to me that people just don’t care anymore and are willing to take the chance. I guess that when you test more people the numbers will go up as well.

My theory is that with a recovery rate from 97 to 99.75 percent, people are just willing to take chances they won’t be in that other percentile that does not survive the virus.

If you are in Vegas those are damn good odds.

It’s off to the Shrine Bowl today to cover some area athletes who will be putting their skills on display.

Have a great weekend and if you have to travel, take care and be safe.

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