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Seeds -- I am . . . .

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Sometimes we trip down our own mental stairs and experience serious, emotional pitfalls in life. Sometimes the mind just needs a rest. While it can sometimes seem like a “knock the wind out of your sails” series of hurdles in life compared to an altruistic “take your breath away” existence nowadays, the deal is, here we are, still alive – another year, another chance.

Great, mind-blowing things are still happening for all of us too, regardless of our individual, unique circumstances. The earth is revolving around a sun so large it keeps us held in orbit and not hurling off into the black abyss of space.

Our lungs are breathing in and out, carrying oxygen to a brain still unmatched by even the most advanced technology we can create. We can look at the palms of our hands and see prints found nowhere else on the earth or the universe.

Here we sit, in this moment, with our own set of experiences, tumbling, scrambling, chasing, and running up and down the stairs of life, hoping we are not wasting our lives.

If the marathon of the mind has taught me anything, it is that I am an imperfect testament to what I have survived. So, this is my survive and thrive list to start off the year.

I am, even at my worst, worthy – you are too.

I am not the center of the attention, but I am seeking to balance my own center.

I am most pleased with doing more of what I want to do and less of what I don’t.

I am filled with dreams and the next adventure around the bend.

I am looking around and seeing so many people, but so many strangers too.

I am widening the circle and setting hefty boundaries too.

I am looking in the mirror and seeing myself.

I am learning to like what I see.

I am not alone in my times of loneliness, and I am not afraid to be alone.

I am where I choose to be, and I have choices.

I am going to try something new.

I am determined to ignore the status quo and to follow through and build something better.

I am offering something unique and so are you, by being – you.

I am hopeful and a healthy skeptic.

I am learning from my mistakes and leaving the guilt behind.

I am not responsible for it all.

I am not looking back towards where I can simply never go again.

I am here.

I am still a prisoner in some circles that I can just turn away from and . . . leave.

I am not in need of a rubber stamp by closed minds.

I am willing to learn, and I pray I always can.

I am the one I arrived on earth with and the one I will leave with.

I am seeing potential all around me.

I am going to fight for hope to be completely revered as it should be.

I am glad you are here and honored you are reading this.

I am wishing you all the best this New Year.


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