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Letter to the Editor: September is Suicide Awareness Month

Letter to the Editor: September is Suicide Awareness Month

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For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of our community. I am ashamed that our leaders, our health organizations, our health professionals, our mental health advocates, and our community have not acknowledged Suicide Prevention Week (Sept 5-11). Not one news article, not one social media share, nothing. In the past year, our community has lost too many people to this fatal choice. We as a community need to be more vocal if we care about each other. And I know we do.

Since 1999, the rate of suicide has increased by 35%. Suicide is now the second leading cause of death for those 10-34. I understand and fully recognize this is not a fun topic to discuss, but it is a necessary conversation if we want to protect our youth.

I am not asking, I am begging our community to be more vocal for the remainder of this month. An opportunity was lost this week and we cannot get that back; please do not miss the opportunity for the rest of this month. September is Suicide Awareness Month. Let us finish this month with more healthy conversations and more sharing resources about this topic.

Derek Dauel, York

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