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Emmys, Bar Mitzvah and Mom turning 90

Emmys, Bar Mitzvah and Mom turning 90

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I watched part of the Emmys this weekend and I’ve never felt older in my life. I remember watching this show growing up and knowing who all the nominees were at the time. Not so much last night. I didn’t know most of those who were nominated.

That’s because there are so many new shows that are not on the traditional three networks. It was easier to predict who would win back then. There wasn’t as much competition back then as there is now.

Maybe that’s why they could win several years in a row. Two guys come to mind -- Don Knotts and John Larroquette. Each of these guys won five years in a row -- Don Knotts for portraying Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show back in the 1960s and John Larroquette for playing Dan Fielding on Night Court. Each of these talented actors won Best Supporting Actor five years in a row for their roles. No one has won so many in Emmy history. In fact John took his name out of contention for a sixth time to “let someone else have a chance.”

Other shows have had many wins collectively over the years. M*A*S*H*, Cheers, Frasier and The Mary Tyler Moore Show each won over 30 Emmys during their runs which is something I doubt can happen again.

It’s awards season. There’s a bunch of them coming up including the Oscars. Last year I saw so few nominated movies due to the pandemic. This year I’ve vowed to see more of them. We’ll see.

Mom will turn 90 in October. She still drives and is living at home. Now, she shouldn’t drive and the house she is in is way too big for her, but until we pry the keys out of her hand and throw a For Sale sign up….nothing will change. I remember us talking about having this conversation with Dad about his driving but he gave up his car keys on his own. He let his wife, kids and grandkids take him around for a short time. It was never a burden for any of us at the time. Mom will go kicking and screaming. She likes her independence too much. I don’t blame her for that, but when her driving gets to the point where it is too much, that’s when we’ll start to worry. It’s close, but she still has some time.

My nephew is preparing for his Bar Mitzvah, which will take place in October. Actually, he’s doing well with his part. My sister is another story though. She is trying to plan this from the family point of view and is going a bit crazy. She has done this for her older kids already, but this is her youngest child going through this.

I have one more nephew that will go through this. His is next year. When it’s all over, it will be sad. A whole new generation of young adults will be thrown out there…I’m a very proud uncle.

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