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Bewildered Boomer - Hey, 2020, bye-bye and good riddance 2020

Bewildered Boomer - Hey, 2020, bye-bye and good riddance 2020

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Steve Moseley

My, hasn’t it taken forever for the misery of 2020 to finally fade. It will be done and gone by this same day next week, praise God.

The utter disgrace of our national government. Pandemic killing us by the hundreds of thousands. The relentless march of global warming before which we remain, apparently, in denial and defenseless. People with no work, unable to feed their kids and keep a roof over their heads. Businesses large and small – mostly small – going down the pipe through absolutely no fault of their own. Elderly Americans sealed in solitary confinement bunkers for nearly a year, not least of these my own 96-year-old mother at the Central Nebraska Veterans Home in Kearney. She has been a hero and a trouper though it all, though I do not understand how.

I try to keep our Saturday conversations on this page positive and light until, like right now, I simply can’t take it anymore.

So much vicious and insulting behavior has divided us these past four years, made exponentially worse in 2020 by galactic mismanagement of COVID from all three branches of what has become a shameful, impotent national government. Though it grieves me mightily to say this, I cannot see the polarized, tunnel vision, warring tribes in the U.S. sharing a peace pipe around a warm fire any decade soon. The damage leaves our national psyche mortally wounded for the foreseeable future. Worse, it was done intentionally with malice aforethought for heartless, self-serving purposes.

Fishing was decent this season and we had a great week with friends at ‘Christmas in Branson’ during early December. Other than that, there was precious little to recommend 2020.

So, what of 2021? Lord only knows. At this time a year ago some folks, myself included, thought 2020 just had to be an improvement over an underwhelming 2019. Boy, we missed that Pollyanna prediction by miles and miles, didn’t we? Surely the fates couldn’t … wouldn’t … knock us down yet another notch in the new year. Not possible. Right?

Not necessarily. As for me, I shall hope for the best, expect the worst, keep my fishin’ hooks sharp and see what happens.

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