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Bewildered Boomer: Is COVID-19 ‘really’ killing all these poor victims?

Bewildered Boomer: Is COVID-19 ‘really’ killing all these poor victims?

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Oftentimes, it seems to me, COVID-19 is almost shrugged off as the cause of death for many of the tens of thousands who have perished in only a scant few months.

That is the burr under my saddle this week.

So many times on TV or in the paper the virus seems almost excused because the victim suffered ‘prior health conditions’ or similar language.

Over coffee with the fellas downtown one day, I heard COVID-19 largely dismissed as the cause of death with the blanket statement, “Most of them died of something else, anyway.”

That is certainly one way to look at it. But are there not flaws in such simplistic rationalizations of a monumentally complex crisis?

Say, for example, this person right here is diabetic while that one over there, despite not having drawn a puff in a couple decades, has irreversibly comprised lungs from being a pack-a-day smoker the 35 years prior to quitting. Say another is north of 71 years old and a fourth is male?

If you rolled all those people together into one what would you get? You would get me, ole four-flag Moseley.

And now (at long last) we arrive at my point.

When I, a person who sits here today with every expectation to manage my health ‘issues’ and live out a reasonably full life, instead contracts the virus and dies, what was it that truly killed me?

The fatal blow was not struck by diabetes or smoking or being old or male. It was done in by COVID-19. Period.

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