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    If you or a loved one has traveled recently, you’ve likely experienced flight delays or cancelations.

      We’re less than a month away from our state’s biggest annual celebration — the Nebraska State Fair. From August 26 through September 5, Nebraskans from across the state will gather to share all that Nebraska agriculture has to offer. It will be the 153rd time we gather for this time-honored …

        Sunday, the word derived from the old English “Sunnandæg,” and the Germanic take on the Latin “dies sol” or “sun’s day.” We’ve been wrestling with, and warring about, what to do with this day since the propaganda to lure us with the angel of Manifest Destiny was printed. We wanted to believe…

        A crowd of preschoolers comes bouncing into the library meeting room, chattering, giggling and waving. They sit down cross legged, and the library staff and I lead them in singing “Tiny Tim.” They laugh when it comes to the “Bubble, pop pop pop” ending. Warm up complete, they settle in for a story.

        The temperature has risen and it’s time for a gentle but important reminder. When you are watering your plants, your yard and yourself … don’t forget to water your doodle (pup).


        I would like to thank the family who helped my husband. He was walking on the street near the National Guard Armory and he fell and hit his head and was bleeding and needed help to get up. I saw the young man (in his baseball uniform) walking with my hubby and a van was slowly following. As …

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