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Wonderline -- Readers ask about garbage, vehicles, stop signs, taxes

Wonderline -- Readers ask about garbage, vehicles, stop signs, taxes

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The following questions were asked recently on the Wonderline:

Q: Are York residents required to get rid of their garbage? By law, does a person have to have their garbage removed? There is a property where the people are letting it pile up and it is getting to the point where it is a health hazard. Plus, it looks awful in our neighborhood.

A: Section 17-49 of the city’s municipal code addresses this type of issue. It is illegal to have “filthy, littered or trash-covered” yards, lots, houses and buildings. The York Police Department routinely makes report of such properties and the owners/occupants are contacted about remediation.

If there is a problem property, contact the police department and/or the city offices.

Q: In York, is it legal to just leave a broken-down vehicle parked on the street for a long period of time? A vehicle broke down on the street in front of my house more than a month ago and it is still sitting there. I don’t know if I’m supposed to call somebody or what.

A: Section 36-288 of the city’s municipal code says that it is unlawful for any person to leave unattended on any street in the city any disabled vehicle, which is not able to move on its own power. It’s the owner’s responsibility to have the vehicle towed. If not, the police department can order that it be moved and then the owner is required to pay for the towing and the subsequent impoundment.

If there is a problem with a broken-down vehicle sitting on a street, the reader should probably call the police department to report it is there.

Q: If there is a no-stop sign intersection in York where, really, there needs to be four stop signs, how could someone make that happen?

A: If someone has an unsafe intersection in mind, they should contact city hall. If the request is warranted, a traffic/speed study would be required, the results of which would be presented to the city council. Any new regulatory signage must be authorized by the city council.

Q: When was it that the local city sales tax became the main source of funds for operations?

A: That began in the fiscal year of 2001-2002.

Q: I see sometimes that someone is caught with a bunch of marijuana and they are given a second charge of not having a “drug tax stamp.” What does that mean?

A: Nebraska’s drug tax stamp law says that people hauling drugs through Nebraska are required by law to buy stamps to affix on the packages – even though the drugs are illegal in the first place. The stamp doesn’t legalize the transport, but it’s illegal to not have it.

The 1990 Nebraska Unicameral passed and Governor Kay Orr signed LB 260 establishing a state tax on illegal drugs. The intent of the law was to give law enforcement an alternative tool against drug dealers. If a prosecutor couldn’t win a conviction for selling drugs, he or she might be able to send the suspect to prison for failing to pay the drug tax. Or the prosecution could win a conviction on both charges, increasing the potential penalties.

Q: If I see someone dumping furniture out in the rural area of the county, what should I do? We live out in the country and there are times when people just come out here and dump furniture, tires, appliances, etc., in the ditches. So if we actually physically see someone doing it, what should we do?

A: If you see someone dumping furniture (or appliances, tires, garbage, etc.) on the side of the road in the rural area of the county, you should call the sheriff’s department at 362-4927 about the incident, as this littering is against the law.

Not only is it against the law, it is also time consuming and expensive to the county to have to remove it from the ditches and ultimately get rid of it.

Q: Where will the CRC Volleyball Tournament be held this year, as the York City Auditorium is under construction?

A: The CRC Volleyball Tournament will be held at York High School this year, due to the construction work being done at the auditorium.

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