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YORK -- During the early morning hours of Wednesday, Aug. 14, a video was posted to YouTube by individuals traveling through York who alleged they were harassed by a York police officer.

The video, which has received many views, has prompted users to contact the York News-Times and local law enforcement agencies.

In response, York Police Chief Ed Tjaden said: “On August 14, 2019 the York Police Department began receiving large numbers of organized complaints regarding a citizen contact that took place earlier that morning. This matter is under internal review, so no details can be released at this time.

“Due to the volume of calls and the vulgar and profane nature of many of them, I have directed my staff to forward them to a voicemail system. The messages will be evaluated as is possible.”

The video shows a couple going to to the York police department to request a complaint form.  When given options to submit a complaint, the videographer argues with officers and eventually leaves the building.  

While outside the station they continue to film and question the officers about how they are being treated.

Next they park their vehicle on the east side of the courthouse and the initial officer attempts to check their plates and VIN number, but the couple argues and refuses to move out of the way.

As this continues the couple claims they were assaulted and later posted another video claiming that the male videographer's finger was fractured.

It should be noted that the YouTube account in which the video was posted is primarily uploads of law enforcement confrontations by the same user.

*Editor's note: After requests were made to review the video, the sequence of events listed in this article has been updated.