Permanent record stock

County Court

• Fugitive from justice – David R. Swanson, Norman, Okla., preliminary hearing waived, bound over to District Court.

• Driving during revocation/impoundment – Randall W. Wiggins, Minden, fined $250 and license revoked one year.

• Possession of an open alcohol container – Christina M. Trusow, Eagle, fined $50. Also possession of one ounce or less of marijuana, fined $300. Also possession of drug paraphernalia, fined $100.

• Possession of one ounce or less of marijuana – Steven T. Krefft, Plainfield, Ill., fined $300. Also possession of drug paraphernalia, fined $100. Also speeding, fined $200.

• Possession of drug paraphernalia – Andrew A. Adams, York, fined $100.

• Driving under suspension/before reinstatement – Efrain Fonseca, Waco, fined $100. Also failure to appear or comply, fined $50.

• Third degree assault – Timothy M. Bullock, Lincoln, sentenced to 60 days jail and given credit for 17 days already served.


• China J. Epp, York, fined $25.

• Greg A. Weber, Bradshaw, fined $25.

• Scott J. Jensen, Osceola, fined $25

• Zacary M. Franzen, Lincoln, fined $75.

• Sterling A. Frederick, Omaha, dismissed.

• Eric J. Rieken, McCool Junction, dismissed.

• Anthony S. Lollmann, Henderson, fined $25.

• Hsiang M. Kung, Lincoln, fined $200.

• Micah A. Reehl, Lincoln, fined $75.

• Frank D. Martinez, Westminster, Colo., fined $125.

• Joshua M. Schroeder, Kearney, fined $25.

• Connor M. Galloway, Broomfield, Colo., fined $75.

• Miguel A. Fuentes-Fregoso, Lexington, fined $75.

• Guy G. Jones, Alexandria, fined $125.

Traffic violations

• No valid registration – Clive A. Wiggan, York, fined $25.

• No valid registration – Yvette M. Momot, Franklin, dismissed.

• Illegal U-turn – Daniel A. Apolius, Kearney, fined $25.

• Illegal U-turn – Michael J. Pallas, Fort Calhoun, fined $25.

• Illegal U-turn -- Philip E. King, III, Omaha, fined $25.

• No operator’s license – Fredy E. Martinez, York, fined $75. Also speeding, fined $75.

• No proof of insurance – Michael J. Glinsmann, Loup City, fined $100. Also speeding, fined $75.

• No proof of insurance – Michelle M. Ekeler, York, fined $100.

• No operator’s license – Jay D. Walton, Waverly, fined $75.

• Unlawful/fictitious display of plates – Nicholas W. Estle, Beaver Crossing, fined $50. Also careless driving, fined $100.

• No valid registration – Stephen L. Keeler, York, fined $25.

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