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YORK – Nataly Vasquez Cornejo, 37, also known as Laura Hosman, of Providence, R.I., has pleaded not guilty to four felonies in York County after being arrested during a routine traffic stop on Interstate 80.

According to court documents filed by the York County Sheriff’s Department, a deputy was on regular patrol when he saw a speeding vehicle. He said radar indicated it was moving at a rate of 94 mph.

A traffic stop was initiated.

The deputy says in his report that the driver was identified as Sheldon Brito and in the passenger seat was Cornejo/Hosman. The backseat passenger was identified as Keven Barahona. The deputy said he could smell marijuana inside the vehicle.

After a concentrated cannabis cartridge was discovered on the driver’s seat, Brito underwent a field sobriety test and the deputy determined Brito “was under the influence of cannabis and could not safely operate a motor vehicle.”

A search was conducted and during that vehicle search, investigators allegedly found 1,650 tablets of Alprazolam/Xanax in several suitcases in the rear cargo area of the vehicle; four cannabis vape pen cartridges; marijuana in 18 different jars or packages; $4,736 in cash on Barahona’s person; $1,885 in cash in Cornejo/Hosman’s purse; and $975 in cash on Brito’s person.

All three were then arrested.

Cornjeo/Hosman was arraigned on the following counts: delivery of a controlled substance, a Class 3A felony; possession of a controlled substance, a Class 4 felony; possession of money while violating (a drug-related law), a Class 4 felony; and criminal impersonation, a Class 4 felony.

A jury trial has been scheduled in the matter for November.

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