Dirt work is well underway for McCool Junction’s new fire barn, which happens to be worked on in part by an appropriately-named piece of equipment (“Mustang”). The new facility will be located on the north edge of town.

McCOOL JCT. — McCool Junction is getting a new fire barn.

Dirt work is underway for the new, larger facility, which will more readily house vehicles and equipment, said Adam Beck, McCool Junction Volunteer Fire Department Chief. “The size of apparatus keeps getting larger and larger,” he said. “Right now in order to put on bunker gear we have to move the trucks.”

The current fire barn dates to the 1970s. The new build will have four ports for apparatus, an office, separate storage spaces for the rescue squad and the fire department, restrooms, an office and a meeting room. There is a capacity for 104 occupants, according the current floor plan.

The department’s new location is situated on the outskirts of town near Highway 81, offering an advantage not only for McCool residents, but to those near the community in need of help.

The project is expected to cost about $900,000. It’s been on the fire department’s wish list for several years, Beck said. “A vast percentage of it was saved by the local fire board for about a decade. Now things are coming to fruition.”

The much needed building is slated for completion between September and November. Beck said the department hopes to move into the new facility around the beginning of September. This, of course, depends heavily on Mother Nature. Beck said high winds have complicated and slowed down construction. “We could be back into October.”

Beck said McCool’s latest addition to town has been welcomed. “Community support behind it has been good,” he said. The project certainly has the support of McCool Junction Village Clerk Darci McCarter:

“It’s pretty exciting for our little town to be growing like it is.”

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