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YORK – The number of new COVID-19 cases has risen in the Four Corners Health District, according to health officials.

Four Corners officials are reporting that there have now been a cumulative number of 49 cases in York County with nine being active at this time.

The cumulative case number in Seward County has reached 50. Health officials say 16 cases are currently active in Seward County.

In Polk County, there is only one active case at this time. The cumulative total there is 12 with 11 recoveries.

And the cumulative total of cases in Butler County remains at 52. There are three active cases in that jurisdiction.

All totaled, there have been 164 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Four Corners District with 29 cases still active.

Testing continues, health officials report, as there have been 1,340 people tested in York County so far; 1,190 people have been tested in Seward County; 642 people have been tested in Butler County; and 381 people have been tested in Polk County.

A “risk dial” is now available on the Four Corners website which takes into consideration case numbers, resources, etc., and then calculates the level of risk at the present time.

The risk level is demonstrated in color – green, yellow, orange and red, with red being the color of the highest risk and green being the lowest. Right now, for the district, the risk color is yellow.

Laura McDougall, Four Corners Health District director, said the risk dial will be updated every Thursday and available on the website – where there is also information about what safety measures should be taken.

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