Work is progressing on this building at 720 N. Lincoln Avenue which will soon be housing Kerri Kliewer’s full-service jewelry store which will be named The Jewelers Vault.

Have you been wondering what is happening at 720 N. Lincoln Avenue in York?

The building has most recently been the office location for the Black Hills Gas Company and for many years was The Recipe Box Restaurant. Well, soon it will be The Jewelers Vault, a full-service jewelry store.

Kerri Kliewer of Henderson will be opening the store and will be the culmination of over 35 years of experience in the jewelry business. She has been designing customer jewelry for years and has had her KVK Jewelry Design business every since her college years.

She is excited about finally having a brick and mortar location to call her own and is excited about the building she will be calling her business home. “I’m very excited to take it back to the original look,” said Kliewer.

The building has been through some serious renovation recently and Kliewer anticipates another four weeks or so to go before The Jewelers Vault will be open. It most certainly will be a very welcome addition to downtown York.

Watch this column for a full feature when the store finally opens.

York Public Schools Foundation to kick off donor campaign

The mission of the York Public Schools Foundation is “assisting to preserve and/or enhance the quality of education for YPS students.” In order to continue our mission in these times of continuing inadequate state funding for schools, the Foundation instituted its first annual donor campaign in July of 2018 to encourage individuals and businesses to become Friends of the Foundation through their contributions. In these uncertain times when schools are dealing with COVID-19 expenses, there is an even greater need for donor support.

Through the generosity of donors to our first two annual campaigns, the Foundation has been able to achieve one of its goals in creating an endowment fund to ensure the financial viability of the Foundation for years to come.

In addition, this year the Foundation has granted requests from teachers to support a wide variety of learning opportunities. One of the grants will aid in preparing for a wetland habitat next to the high school so that students will have hands-on experiences in outdoor learning. Another grant for the purchase of a Surrogator will allow students to observe pheasant chicks from the hatching of eggs through the time they are readied for release, hopefully, in partnership with local farmers and other community members. These projects, along with several classroom technology additions, will serve students well into the future.

The Foundation board encourages you to consider becoming a Friend of the Foundation as the 2020-2021 campaign begins. You will receive a window cling showing your support of the Foundation along with donor recognition on the screens at YHS and YMS, in the YPS Foundation brochure and other publications, and on the YPS website. In addition, all donors will be invited as guests to the Hall of Fame/Donor Recognition event tentatively scheduled for November 20, 2020.

Friends of the Foundation Levels

Friend - $25 - $99; Believer - $100 - $249; Builder - $250 - $499; Founder - $500 - $999 Navy & Gold - $1,000 - $2,499; Forever A Duke - $2,500 & Above. Please join in supporting the effort to “preserve and/or enhance the quality of education” for all students of York Public Schools by becoming a Friend of the Foundation.

What the Heck:

COVID fatigue. That’s what I’ve come down with. I refuse to watch much news anymore because you never know when you’re hearing the truth or when you’re hearing the spin that one side or another is putting on the information. I don’t know if the national media knows it or not, but I haven’t found anyone lately that believes everything what they are putting out.

I long for the days when they just reported what was going on without throwing in opinions and little digs one way or another. Which would then let me make up my own mind on what I thought I heard.

I can respect opinions that differ from mine if they also respect my opinion. That’s getting harder and harder to find those people.

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