Today I will start my story on a very happy note.

In my last article, I told you about the situation in Arnold, Nebraska. Many dogs had to be rescued and we had taken seven here at the shelter. Well, I am happy to announce six of them have been adopted to families and one of was adopted to Second Chance Pups who partners with Nebraska State Penitentiary to train dogs. Such happy news for all of these pups and their new owners.

There’s not a lot going on at the shelter right now in the dog world so I am writing about a dog that was adopted a couple years back and I never had the chance to write about.

This is the story of Herbie. Herbie was a Rat Terrier mix dog who was found and never claimed. We realized very quickly that he was not going to be an easy case. He was a grumpy little man who was not fond of being held and did not care for human interaction.

We worked with Herbie over the next few weeks and got lucky; we found a couple who wanted to adopt him. They came to meet him and decided to make him a part of their family. I was feeling good about this adoption and they were really trying with him. Sadly, four months later they brought Herbie back, he did not care for the husband. He had become protective over the person he chose to be his human, and to heck with everyone else.

Obviously, Herbie was not excited to be back at the shelter, as it can be very disruptive for a dog like him. He was a dog who wanted and needed to rely on one person only and not the many volunteers working with the dogs each day. I sat with him many times, but I was not to be his person. He was looking once again for his person to call his own. He did not bite, he wasn’t mean in any way, but I could tell he was looking for someone else.

A couple weeks later Jill visited the shelter looking for a dog. I know Jill quite well, as she fosters for another rescue that I work with occasionally. I just had to tell her about Herbie. I gave her his background and then went to get him. Herbie snuggled up in her arms immediately. I was so shocked. Whoever said, “Some dogs pick their owners,” knew what they were talking about. Herbie picked Jill right away.

The story was different after they got home. For some reason, once home, Herbie was very scared and wanted nothing to do with Jill. Jill and I exchanged texts for quite a few weeks and things slowly improved.

Jill says of Herb, his nickname, “Herb is a great foster brother to all the homeless who come into our home. He now loves to snuggle, and he actually plays and loves belly rubs. He is independent when outside until he figures out I am not right beside him and then he runs to the door. Now when we sit he is either on my lap or across the back of my chair. We have friends who own Rottweilers and Herb holds his own when we visit.

“Herb has helped re-home Huskies, Border Collies, a Shepherd and Rottweilers. He has learned a lot from the rescue dogs fostered in our home. So much that one day he jumped in my lap and started licking me. It has taken time, but he knows I will never let anything happen to him or let anyone hurt him. He has finally decided its ok to let visitors pet him a bit as well.”

Although we will never know where Herb came from and why he was not a trusting dog, I do know his future is very bright now thanks to Jill and all the wonderful things she has taught him. You are a lucky boy Herb!

P.S. A big thank you to everyone who answered the call for dog treats. We appreciate your donations so much, but more than us the dogs do. They are loving their special treats … a big paws up to our supporters.

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