A few weeks back, I was called by the Johnson family.

They told me a dog had shown up on their property. He was a quick fellow and couldn’t be caught. I assured her I’d head their way the minute I was done with the morning dog shift.

About 45 minutes late, I arrived to see a beautiful big dog dodging every effort to corral him. I got my treats out and started talking very softly to him and throwing a treat here. It was a great plan, until I got just close enough … then he took off into a cornfield. So I waited a bit and he walked out again. However, as I approached, he headed back in the corn.

This big boy was just too scared to be caught the old-fashioned way. So I headed back to town to get a live trap. I sent a Facebook message to the landowner and said if you get a chance to trap him in an indoor building that would help a lot. While locating a live trap, I received a message that they had managed to secure him in their garage; great news!

I went out again, but after being trapped in a garage, with no way out, he was even more upset. I was greeted by big white teeth and a nasty sounding growl. The next turn of events was very unexpected. There was a little toddler who lived at this house. It was amazing to see the dog’s reaction to her voice. It completely put him at ease until I tried to catch him again.

So I set the trap inside the garage and told the Johnsons that I had to go back and do my afternoon shift at the shelter. We messaged back and forth to see if he had gone in the trap. Unfortunately, the answer was still “no.” So, I went out one more time and tried to catch him but he was not having it.

I decided to head home and waited for my husband Tom to get there. If I cannot catch a dog, he usually can catch it, or we can work as a team and figure out how to get the dog caught. He walked I the door, tired and hot from his day at work, and I popped the question. He agreed to help. So once again, I headed back to the country, this time with Tom, and hopes that this would be the last time.

I chuckled as Tom went into the garage, I could hear him talking to the dog. Tom talks to dogs just like humans. He was asking the dog if he wanted to go for a walk, if he wanted to be friends, would he like some delicious treats? The growling was getting less every minute. Within a few, Tom walked out with the dog. Once the leash was on him, he was the sweetest dog you would ever meet. I have seen this a million times, and it always amazes me.

When the Johnson family came out of their house, the dog was so very happy to see the little girl he had heard all day. I was leery at first, as I had seen his crabby side, but the love of this dog for his newfound little friend was awesome! He was also so happy to see me and accepted a big hug. The little girl said his name should be Scooby and so it was.

We loaded Scooby up and Tom got in the back of the van to ride with Scooby so he wouldn’t be scared. Next thing you know Scooby’s little friend was in the van as well. Her mom finally managed to talk her into coming out, but it was the cutest thing!

Scooby became a favorite for several volunteers right away. I made a vet appointment. After vetting we waited a bit to see if he would be claimed. He was then advertised for adoption and almost immediately, we found his perfect family where he will be spoiled and will never find himself in the predicament he found himself in a few weeks back. A very special Thank you to the Johnson family for all their help and all they were willing to do to help Scooby and I.

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