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A Paws for Pets: Mary Pearl’s journey

A Paws for Pets: Mary Pearl’s journey

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Little Mary Pearl was found approximately three years ago on a cold and windy day. 

A young couple saw a pickup in front of them on Grant Avenue when suddenly a little kitten jumped out of a 41 County truck bed onto the street. Mary Pearl ran under a car and the couple jumped out of their vehicle and managed to pick her up. They wanted to keep her but knew they couldn’t afford the cost of a pet, so they brought her to me and she ended up being my foster for the next three years. 

Seeing her jump out of the pickup truck was just the beginning of her journey that no one, including myself, could ever imagine. 

I received an adoption application from Sheila through Pet Finder. Sheila lives in New Hampshire, and was sending a message of interest about Princess, another cat I had put up for adoption. Sheila had seen Princess on Pet Finder, thinking she looked like a Maine Coon and when we corresponded on the phone a couple of weeks later, I told her Princess was very small but I had a cat that looked exactly like a Maine Coon, although (most cats seen jumping out of farm trucks) rarely turn out to be purebred cats. 

I sent Sheila pictures of Mary Pearl and she immediately fell in love. So began the quest of getting Mary Pearl from Nebraska to New Hampshire. I had considered keeping Mary Pearl, who I named after my maternal grandmother, but I knew deep in my heart she wanted her own home where she could be the queen, and have her own phone. 

Sheila then submitted a request to Imagine Home Organization, a volunteer 501(c) 3 organization. A couple weeks passed and then a wonderful response was received from Imagine Home stating that they would be honored to do the transport from York, Nebraska to Alton, New Hampshire! 

In a short time the transport was fully organized for an 18-leg journey. Volunteers were signing up across the country. This is an amazing organization, so well organized and trustworthy. The date of November 7 was set for the start of her journey, but many things had to be accomplished first. 

Imagine Home has a strict set of rules that they follow on their transfers. They are the experts and as the saying goes, “This isn’t their first rodeo.” Sheila sent all supplies through Chewy.Com – they were delivered to my house, which included a designated cage, soft beds portable litter pan, food, cat litter, toys, cage cover, and food and water dishes attached to the side of the kennel. I provided bottled water, paper towels, Clorox wipes, labels with Mary Pearl’s, Sheila’s, my name and our phone numbers. Mary Pearl didn’t have a phone number at that time, but wouldn’t be surprised if she has one today.

Then there was a visit to York Animal Clinic for a health check-up, rabies, Felv testing, vaccinations, parasite worming, flea prevention. The whole physical to see she was well and healthy.  With health record complete and in hand, we were ready for the countdown. 

On November 7, Charleen Kimberly, who has done transfers for Tender Hearts, volunteered for the first leg of the journey and we both  headed out to Lincoln, to hand off to the next volunteer who was driving her to the next leg. 

There were 18 different drivers who made this miracle trip happen. A chat log was set up and everyone knew who had Mary Pearl, where she was currently located. All hand offs were noted and posted. She spent a week in one home and several nights in other homes. By the reports everyone said that Mary Pearl was not only a beautiful cat, but was so sweet and loving.

This was posted from Imagine Home after Mary Pearl arrived at Sheila’s: “Now that Mary Pearl is safely home, there are many people to thank. Thank you to all that drove these past two weekends. Thank you to Deborah, Dana and Susan for hosting this sweet girl. Thank you to all who cheered and shared Mary Pearl’s journey. Big thank you to York Adopt a Pet and LaMoine for saving this sweet girl and giving her a second chance. Thank you Sheila and family for opening your heart and home to Mary Pearl. Much love to all. Teresa.”

I have been involved in rescue for more years than I can remember, yet every time I think I have seen it all, a cat like Mary Pearl and a person like Sheila come along and make me once again realize that although we won’t change the world you will change that animal’s world. 

It also reminds me that even in these hate-filled times we are currently living in, there are still thousands of kind-hearted people who do kind-hearted acts for humans and animals.  Those are the people I try to focus on. 

Thank you to all who changed Mary Pearl’s life.

These words I received from Mary Pearls new human: “Mary Pearl is such an angel. We are bonding very quickly and she is so sweet. I swear she is my other cat Cessna reincarnated. She looks directly into my eyes and loves to rub her head on my chin. She is perfect, LaMoine, I cannot thank you enough. You are the cat whisperer.”

Have a great life Mary Pearl. I know “Mama Pearl” is smiling down. 

And if Sheila can’t get your own phone line, maybe she could set you up with your own FB page…..ya’ think???

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