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Install a hand shower bar

Install a hand shower bar

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A movable hand shower on a bar.

A nice upgrade to a bathtub with an old stationary showerhead is replacing it with a movable hand shower on a bar. It’s a popular improvement and convenient addition that extends the use of the bathtub. With a movable head, it can become a soothing spray of warm water to massage sore joints, back pain and muscles.

Dog owners find it useful for cleaning up dirty paws and fur of their favorite Fido after a romp in muddy waters. And little kids who fuss about taking a tub bath like using a self-directed hand shower. The movable showerhead even helps cleaning the bathtub because it can spray away a scouring cleanser.

You’ll find hand shower bar systems sold at home centers, plumbing supply outlets and online designed for a DIY homeowner to install for $165. You’ll save 55% doing the job. A plumber will charge $369, which includes labor and material to make the installation. The cost goes up if an existing showerhead has a pivot ball as part of the shower arm; in that case, the arm needs to be replaced first. No matter who does the installation, a movable shower head bar will be a worthwhile bathroom improvement.

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Pro Cost — DIY Cost — Pro time — DIY Time — DIY Savings — Percent Saved

$369 — $165 — 2.2 — 3.0 — $204 — 55%

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