Today the Fun Club would have been traveling on the “Going to the Sun Road” in the iconic Red Jammer Buses at Glacier National Park.

Would you have been doing something different today if it hadn’t been for COVID-19?

Today, July 22, 2020, would have been totally different for me and for 50 Fun Club travelers had it not been for the pandemic. This is the day we would have visited the magnificent Glacier National Park in northwest Montana.

Today our travelers would have stepped into three vintage Red Jammer buses. The tops of these convertible jammers would have been rolled back and we would be enjoying the spectacular sights as we made the twists and turns on the breathtaking “Going to the Sun Road.”

How well I remember the fabulous experience we had about 10 years ago in this park. The mountains and the scenery were incredible and I could hardly wait to do it again this summer. COVID-19 forced us to postpone until next year when, hopefully, things are better.

Yellowstone National Park

The experience at Glacier National Park was just one of the many highlights we included on this trip. Before visiting Glacier, we had planned to tour Yellowstone National Park. Last Sunday we would have driven through the beautiful Lamar Valley and explored the upper loop of the park, including the colorful terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs.

This past Monday, we would have enjoyed a guided tour of the lower loop of Yellowstone. Even if you’ve experienced it before, it’s always amazing to view the colorful paint pots, the thundering Tower Falls, the gurgling mud pots, and the legendary Old Faithful geyser.

In addition to the thermal sites, some of my favorite memories of Yellowstone involve the wildlife. Perhaps you have some of your own memories of spotting a bear or waiting for bison to cross the road or waking up to find elk lounging around your cabin.

Grand Teton National Park

After experiencing the beauty of Yellowstone and Glacier, we were scheduled to tour Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. In addition to fun at Jackson Hole, we had included a guided tour of the Tetons which would feature non-stop views of beautiful mountain scenery and more opportunities to spot wildlife.

Several years ago, the Fun Club enjoyed a scenic float trip on the Snake River in the Grand Tetons. I’ll never forget all the eagles and eagle nests we spotted in trees along the banks of the river. What an amazing sight.

Tour rescheduled for 2021

Unfortunately this spectacularly scenic tour was postponed but we have high hopes of providing it for Fun Club travelers next summer. We will not be able to confirm prices until later in the year and at that time a new brochure and registration opportunities will be made available. The 2021 dates are July 15 - 26.

During this pandemic, the Fun Club staff continues to work remotely. You may contact me at 402-366-9648 or contact Dave at 402-366-4322. You may also email us at

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