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Adopt A Family program in its 30th year

Adopt A Family program in its 30th year

Adopt a Family

YORK – With Thanksgiving just a week away and the holiday season soon to be in high gear, many are thinking of Christmas.

But for some families, buying Christmas gifts, warm coats and mittens or a ham for the holiday meal is difficult — maybe impossible — because of financial difficulties and hardships.

Fortunately, the York Adopt A Family program helps make holiday wishes come true.

Each year, the program provides Christmas gifts for less fortunate families by matching them with individuals, other families or organizations who adopt them.

The program has been in place for 30 years now — with Blue Valley Community Action overseeing the project in cooperation with the York News-Times.

Fifteen families have been selected as the recipients of this year’s Adopt A Family program.

They were chosen from among Blue Valley clientele or from recommendations by area pastors and social service agencies.

Each family put together a wish list – those lists will be published in the News-Times, starting today.

Each profile includes the ages, clothing sizes, needs and wishes of the family members so those who wish to adopt a family can select appropriate gifts.

A number will be assigned to each family to maintain their anonymity.

Anyone interested in adopting a family should call the News-Times business office at 362-4478 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. They should ask for Cheri Knoell or Tammi Eikenhorst who are the program coordinators for the YNT.

They are asked to specify the number of the family they want to adopt.

In order to ensure that all the families receive their gifts on time, each of them should be wrapped and brought to the News-Times, located at the corner of Fourth Street and Platte Avenue. The deadline for gift drop-off at the News-Times offices is Friday, Dec. 18.

The packages should be marked with the family’s number and adopters should specify which gifts are for which family member. Blue Valley will then deliver the gifts.

Monetary donations are another important part of the Adopt A Family program. Each year, financial donations are accepted by the Adopt A Family administrators at the News-Times and then turned over to an account that is managed by Blue Valley Community Action.

This money is accessed throughout the year as Blue Valley officials help individuals and families who fall on hard times . . . paying for utility bills, for vehicle gas, to help with medications, etc., when people can’t pay for those things themselves and have nowhere to turn.

The YNT has again set a goal, a challenge, of $5,000 . . . and there will be updates of the level of giving on a regular basis through Christmas.

To make monetary donations, funds may be mailed to Adopt A Family in care of the News-Times, Box 279, York, NE 68467.

All checks should be made payable to Adopt A Family. In order to recognize those who give, contributors will be identified by name in the News-Times, unless they wish to remain anonymous.

Donations may also be made in a person’s memory or on behalf of an individual or group.

Wish lists:

Family #1

A six-year-old boy wants a marble tower, size 7/8 clothes, size 12-1 shoes and sensory toys.

His 16-month-old brother wants size 2 clothes, size 6 shoes, Hot Wheels, snow boots and snow pants.

Their mother wants a sewing machine, a winter coat (size XXL) and fabric.

As a family, they want pots and pans, bathroom towels, washcloths, silverware and cooking utensils.


Family #2

A 9-year-old boy would like shoes (size 2-2 1/2), a queen bed sheet set, Denver Broncos items and a PlayStation 4 game.

His 4-year-old sister would like LOL dolls or Barbies, a dollhouse, shoes (size 10) and snow boots (size 10).

Their 2-year-old brother would like Disney movie cars or Hot Wheels, shoes (size 8), snow boots (size 8) and Paw Patrol items.

Their mother would like an espresso machine, a flat iron, winter coat (size adult small) and tennis shoes (size 6).

Their father would like a Denver Broncos beanie or other items, tools, work boots (size 13) and a winter coat (size XL).

As a family, they would like pots and pans, a crockpot and family board games.


Family #3

A 17-year-old girl would like winter gloves, comfy/fluffy socks, pens, notebooks and comfy pants (adult size XL).

Her 14-year-old sister would like size 5 snow boots, LED string lights, comfy lounge pants (size large kids), fluffy socks.

Their 5-year-old brother would like a full size fitted sheet, size 5T pants, boxers (size 4-6) and Minecraft stuff.

Their 19-month-old sister would like size four diapers, unicorn items, 12-month long sleeve onesies, size 3-6 pants.

Their 19-month-old sister would like size four diapers, 12-month pants, 18-month long sleeve onesies and unicorn items.

Their mother would like comfy pants and shirts (size XL), adult coloring books, a clear shower liner, and “Wonder Woman” movie (Blu Ray or DVD).

Their father would like LED light bulbs (Mercury brand) and “Greatest Showman” movie (Blu Ray or DVD).

As a family, they would like family card games, board games, gas cards (for Casey’s or Pump & Pantry), a gift card for dinner, a gift card for a movie.


Family #4

A 4-year-old boy would like a size 8 sleeper, dinosaur or shark items, snow overalls (size 8), winter gloves.

His 2-year-old sister would like 3T footy pajamas or long sleeve nightdress, size 7 snow boots, 3T leggings or pants and dolls.

Their mother would like pots and pans, Tupperware, medium gloves and tulle.

Their father would like jeans (size 36x34), a gift card for coveralls, XL shirts (prefer no white), work gloves (size XL).

As a family, they would like a kid movie (DVD or Blu Ray), a board game that is kid appropriate and a puzzle for kids.


Family #5

A 6-year-old girl would like LOL Surprise Mystery toys, baby dolls (American Girl dolls), shoes or boots (size 12) and dresses (size 7-8).

Her 7-year-old brother would like Legos, Marvel Action figures, Nintendo Switch Racing games, shoes or boots (size 12).

Their 4-year-old brother would like Movie cars and toys, shoes or boots (size 11) and Paw Patrol toys.

Their 1-year-old brother would like 18-month clothes, learning toys, baby toy cars and cloth baby wipes.

Their mother would like winter boots (size 9-9 ½), hair straightener, a blow dryer and make-up (black eyeliner pencil).

As a family they would like a kitchen table, casserole dishes, crockpot and miscellaneous kitchen items.


Family #6

A 7-year-old boy would like board games, shirts and pants (size 10-12), shoes (size 5 youth), football items (ball, etc.).

His 4-year-old brother would like movies (Dinosaur, Bambi DVD), Good Dinosaur movie DVD, board games, card games, pants and shirts (size 8 boys), G Force movie DVD.

Their mother would like “Dead Pool The Movie” (1 and 2), body lotion, hand lotion and a gas card.

As a family, they would like movie passes, bowling or golfing passes and bathroom towels.


Family #7

A 12-year-old girl would like bath soap and perfume, a 3D pen with accessories, clothes (size tall, 14 or 16, XL), fashion sweatpants, MP3 player.

Her 3-year-old brother would like an Aqua Magic mat with stand, Tomas The Train set, Cars movie items, and jeans (size 4T, adjustable).

Their mother would like towels, a sewing machine, a storage trunk and clothes (size 14 or 16, XL).

As a family, they would like a 16-in-1 air fryer, a pancake griddle, an adult knitting machine and a canning pot.


Family #8

A 7-year-old boy would like clothes (size 10), shoes (size 3), second grade reading books, a skateboard or rollerblades.

His 4-year-old brother would like shirts or pants (size 4-5T), shoes (size 11), preschool reading books, Legos or building blocks/learning games.

Their 2-year-old brother would like clothes (size 2-3T), shoes (size 10), cardboard books, dinosaurs, cars or Paw Patrol items.

Their father would like shirts (L or XL), pants (34x32), a heated jacket (size XL) and a Lowes or Menards gift card.

As a family, they would like kitchen items like pots, pans, utensils, etc., as well as blankets, towels and a grocery store gift certificate.


Family #9

A 16-year-old boy would like tennis shoes (size 9 ½), Denver Broncos items, guitar strings (size 10-46), and T-shirts (size adult medium).

His 8-year-old brother would like a Ben 10 watch, Bakugan Battle Brawler toys, a science or chemistry set, and Legos.

Their 6-year-old sister would like Barbies, Polly Pockets, Feisty Pets and Lego Friends.

Their 4-year-old sister would like Barbies, Polly Pockets, Feisty Pets and Lego Friends.

Their mother would like a hand mixer, size 11 tennis shoes, a king fitted sheet in a neutral color and bath towels.

As a family, they would like a Connect Four game, a Ker Plunk game, and arts and crafts supplies.


Family #10

A 17-year-old girl would like a queen size comforter (black and grey), a Walmart gift card, a Casey’s gift card, fuzzy and no show socks (size 10).

Her 8-year-old sister would like a RC Car, a Barbie house, a Barbie and Barbie clothes, and LOL dolls.

Their mother would like deep corner sheets (queen size, blue or dark blue), essential oils, a set of cookie sheets, and body spray (likes those that are fruity).

Their father would like insulated gloves (size XL), insulated socks (size 10-12), a gas gift card and a weighted blanket.

As a family, they would like restaurant or movie gift cards, a Chinese Buffet gift card and a grocery store gift card.


Family #11

A 2-year-old boy would like cars, dinosaurs, bubbles, coloring books and reading books.

His 7-month-old brother would like baby toys, baby snacks, 12-month clothes, stuffed animals.

Their 7-month-old sister would like baby toys, baby snacks, 12-month clothes and stuffed animals.

Their mother would like a soft blanket, makeup, Native American décor and puzzles.

Their father would like a blanket, garage towels, horror movies and a gift card to Scooters.

As a family, they would like plates, bowls, size 4 diapers and disinfectant spray.


Family #12

A 7-year-old boy would like Monster Jam (Shark One), jeans (size 10), shirts (size 8), and an Adventure Force 1:6 Ducati Motor Razor.

His 2-year-old boy would like a Kids Connection metal drum set, shoes (size 7), clothes (size 2T) and Hot Wheels cars.

Their 1-year-old sister would like clothes (size 18 months), My Sweet Love Happy Twins play set, a Disney Minnie Mouse scooter and dolls.

Their mother would like clothes (size, small), shoes (size seven), and hair accessories.

Their father would like a battery charger, tools, a drill, clothes (size XL) and shoes (size 10).

As a family, they would like a queen comforter set, diapers (size 2), baby wipes and baby blankets.


Family #13

An 8-year-old girl would like coloring books, horse items, clothes (size 7) and size 2 snow boots.

Her 4-year-old brother would like Paw Patrol items, size 4T clothes and a size 4T coat.

Their father would like jeans (size 34x34) and a large winter coat.

As a family, they would like pots and pans, towels and a grocery store gift card.


Family #14

A 2-year-old girl would like a kids’ cleaning play set, a makeup play set, a shopping cart and a foot-propelled car.

Her mother would like “Iron Fey” by Julie Kagawa, hard-bottomed slippers (size 7), a jewelry box and anything “Supernatural, The Series.”

Her father would like “A Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, “The Island” by Aldous Huxley, “Doors of Perceptions” by Aldus Huxley, and CK Eternity cologne.

As a family, they would like Scooby Doo DVDs, a “Need For Speed” game (PS4), and a PS4 controller.


Family #15

A 4-year-old girl would like clothes (size 6T), 30-plus-piece puzzles, a coloring book, crayons, and an “Inside Out” DVD.

Her 3-month-old brother would like age appropriate books (cloth), a fuzzy blanket, a CD radio, and size 4 diapers.

Their mother would like fluffy socks, a low sunlight plant, Ellen Hopkins books (minus Crank Series), and Sodoku books.

As a family, they would like pots and pans, towels and a Twister game.

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