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Sports Actually: The last final Huskerless Saturday is here, thank goodness

Sports Actually: The last final Huskerless Saturday is here, thank goodness

Sports Actually

In the Army when we were close to mustering out our habit was to count down the days. If you were to be cut loose on Monday, for example, the previous Friday you’d grin and say with great relief, “Man, I’m down to two days and a wake-up.”

The last day doesn’t count because that’s the blessed day you get to wake-up and leave.

Hey, Husker Football Nation, today we are down to five days and a wake-up until the Huskers finally take the field next Saturday.

It’s been a grind, no?

Never in my life have I seen a Husker season like this one, but that’s zero big deal because no one alive on planet earth has either.

We red-clad minions have had some wonderful ups and more than our share of downs. Especially in recent seasons. But 2020 goes into the books as the Mondo Bizarro chart topper of them all. Well, so far. The jury’s still out on 2021.

I well recall Bob Devaney’s arrival from Wyoming to save the day astride a gallant white horse. What followed was quite something, wasn’t it?

I cannot imagine what Jolly Bob would have to say about the desperate mess in which college football finds itself today through absolutely no fault of its own.

Thanks to demon COVID, players, coaches, hot dog vendors, security folks, parking lot attendants, Boy Scout ushers and of course you and I have been forced to tread water.

But the horror is over now. Happy days are here again!

What’s that? We play at THE Ohio State University? The dang Buckeyes?

Mama told me, “Be careful what you ask for … you just might get it.”

Finally, I ‘get it.

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