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Letter to the Editor: Congressman Smith has unfinished business

Letter to the Editor: Congressman Smith has unfinished business

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I am a former resident and was locally employed in York County for many years. I'm familiar with many county residents and the area. I would appreciate if the York News-Times would publish the following letter:

Adrian Smith’s attempt to justify his vote and support of the ex-president in the recent ‘Nebraska View’ was incredulous and downright disgusting. Smith spouts all the accomplishments over the last four years, but totally ignores the ex-president’s lies, law-breaking, and insurrection incitement. Smith says that he “fully supports the prosecution of every participant and planner of the uprising” (his words). What part does he think this ex-president and campaign staffers played in the insurrection….innocent bystanders??? Hardly!!! His silence over the last four years when this ex-president broke laws is deafening.

The 3rd District congressman wants the country to move forward, but he appears to be trying to get 3rd District Nebraskans to forget his unconscionable actions and words before and after the insurrection. Condoning his actions and those of the ex-president he supports must not be forgotten. His supporters are to be applauded for terminating any future support. Smith has unfinished business and hopefully he’ll do the right thing and hold the ex-president accountable.

Robert D. Zuehlsdorf, Kearney

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