Preparations for Yorkfest go on throughout the year.

Typically, when the event ends, our team spends a few days putting things away while hashing out the pros and cons of the weekend. From there, we usually put together a community survey so the individual coordinators can review their specific events and how they were received by the public. Our wrap-up meeting usually gives us a great base to work from when we have our launch meeting in the early spring.

This year was no different. We held our initial planning meeting in early March and heard from the various programs on how their event was going to work. This meeting gave us good direction in which to move forward. Then, six days later…. well, you know. Our focus changed completely and we placed Yorkfest gently on the back burner. As the summer months came upon us, and reopening started to happen, we found ourselves in the exciting position of being able to offer a few activities for the community.

The community’s response for the opportunity to enjoy happenings in town has been fantastic. The Chamber team has been working closely with multiple city departments as well as Four Corners Health Department as we make preparations for multiple DHM phases.

Yorkfest is a celebration of our entire community and there are several businesses and organizations that look forward to the opportunity to host an activity during the weekend. Where indoor activities have been planned, specific guidelines for the business locations are known to the organizers and they are working within those through the planning process. There are several outdoor events taking place throughout the weekend too. The guidelines of the DHM have helped those planning fun events for the community while keeping safe practices in mind.

These next six weeks before Yorkfest begins will go quickly! With that in mind, I wanted to remind everyone to pre-register for things like the 1-Mile Fun Run. This year, the run will take place on Thursday evening in downtown York. Champion Homes has taken over this family favorite. The leadership team at Champion sees this as a chance for their team members to connect with the community while raising funds for the Building and Trades Scholarship that is offered to a York County High School senior. This year, the cost to participate is only $5 per person. Organizers are committed to providing an event that all families can enjoy.

New this year, parade participants are able to take advantage of special pricing for this year’s Yorkfest shirt. If you submit your parade registration prior to Aug. 20, all members of your entry may purchase this year’s shirt for only $5! Our team saw this as a great way for participants to show their excitement for being part of the celebrations.

The committee that has been organizing the Coronation Luncheon invites you to make your reservations with the Chamber office. Coronation will take place at York Country Club on Friday, Sept. 11 and the cost is $15 per person. Those wishing to attend are encouraged to email their reservation and arrange payment with Kristie Richert by contacting her at or call 402-362-5531.

Returning to the Yorkfest lineup is the Prayer Breakfast. At the conclusion of last year’s celebration, I was approached about bringing that back to the weekend’s festivities. Our team visited with the event organizer and we are thrilled to say that the Yorkfest Prayer Breakfast will be held on Friday, Sept. 11, at 6:30 a.m., at Chances R.

A new event this year is the Yorkfest Family Mini-Golf-O-Rama that is being coordinated by Renewed Horizons. This group has worked with York Country Club to put together a family event for everyone to enjoy. For just $5 per person, you will be challenged on the mini-golf course that will be set up on the Country Club’s putting green.

Over the next month, the Chamber will be promoting the various events through our local media outlets as well as on social media. The Yorkfest booklet has gone to print and will be out in the paper soon. This booklet is always a great way to know all that is happening over this four-day celebration weekend. We encourage everyone to use all the various media to stay up to date with events and possible changes.

As I take a deep breath before we put both feet into Yorkfest, I want to give a HUGE thank you to the great people I have the pleasure of working with every day. Not much really stopped here over the past few months. Hannah continued to work on creative pieces and adjusted dates, times and locations usually up until the moment we went to print. Kristie has continually been the calming voice to those that are seeking information as well as being the one that keeps everything moving smoothly. Rhonda has continued to connect with the membership through the newsletter as well as communicating that event dates are still moving targets. These ladies are not only a blessing to me, but to our community.

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