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Community Growth

Lisa Hurley

Q: Does york County still need
more housing?
Housing is a huge priority in York County. York
County Development Corporation recently updated
the York County Housing Study. There is a need for
an additional 542 housing units by 2030. According
to the housing study, half of these units should be
rental, and ½ owner occupied.
York County’s strong economy has a significant
impact on talent, housing and housing demand.
A basic assessment of eco¬nomic trends indicates
several items. Unemployment rates have returned to pre-pandemic levels, and
look like the relatively low levels previously seen in the region. I would actually
go as far as to say our labor participation rate is lower now than it was before
pandemic levels, which means fewer workers. At the same time, our businesses
are able to recruit talent in (especially skilled), and then have a hard time
finding a home, or even a temporary bed for the individual or family.
The labor shortage is not just an issue for York County as nearly all of the
surrounding counties have workforces that are nearly at full employment. This
means that cities and counties are competing against one another for a very
small pool of potential applicants. New residents must be attracted to the region
to address this issue, and the county has to have available housing for those
residents. Housing, schools, and community amenities are often an important
part to creating a package that attracts workers to a region. Ultimately though,
if we don’t work to attract workers from outside of Nebraska, and to retain and
up-skill our current workforce, and we don’t have the capacity for them to live in
the region, we won’t be able to hit our business goals.
Other items that are recommended in the housing study reflect continuing new
construction, encouraging the preservation and renovation of current units,
improving some neighborhoods that could draw additional improvement, and
reviewing zoning and building codes for potential barriers.
Construction has slowed down in recent months due to supply chain restraints
(lumber costs sound familiar?). This is the perfect time for people interested in
incremental development, or planning a larger project to be doing the project
design, cost analysis, and getting the project ready to pull the trigger.
Please reach out if you have any questions!
Lisa Hurley,
Executive Director
York County Development Corporation

601 N Lincoln Ave.
York, NE 68467


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