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Community Growth

Lisa Hurley

Q: i’m trying to improve my
on-line presence. what should
i think about?

It seems like all things on-line are constantly changing.
While these changes on any platform can be challenging,
have some fun connecting with others! These changes
are allowing us to use our imagination and technology
to connect with others. One of the first things you have
to decide is what do you want to accomplish on social
media and which platform fits your goals. That will often
dictate your connections. It’s ok to keep it small and not
connect with everyone. If you are trying to build an on-line
business, your goal would be different, and you want to connect with more people to
build your brand and trust over time.
Being online helps build your brand, but you have to decide why you are doing that.
Are you adding to your personal brand, your business brand or both? Either way, if you
wouldn’t say it a particular way to someone, don’t say it online. That’s a basic tip, but
one that is still overlooked. You never know when someone will take a photo of a rant,
so it never goes away. Let your humor and personality show, as your personality, even
as a business, is who people connect with. Be authentic, and kind. If you’re responding
to a question or a negative comment, make sure to use facts and calming language
(especially if you’re a business). You can say in the comment field that you are happy
to address their concerns via direct message. Engage your audience with live videos on
several platforms, or videos of yourself, family or business. Share photos, quotes, ideas,
ask questions, and just be there. On your personal page, make sure only 20% of your
posts relate to your business. That keeps you from being perceived as ‘salesy’.
If you are a business that sells online, you want to make sure you are consistently there.
People are generally more likely to buy from a brand or person they trust if they have
the choice. So, build your brand, and don’t be afraid of telling people you own ABC
company. Did you know that $21.6 billion is spend annually in the U.S.A. by ‘drunk’
spenders? That’s an odd stat I learned at a training, but it’s a huge amount of impulse
spending. Do you want to allow your customers to shop at late hours? If so, provide the
platform for them to do it.
Are you seeing to much junk? For pages, unfollow them. If you are seeing an ad or
content you don’t want to see, most platforms allow you to click to see less of those type
of posts. A family member’s political views you don’t want to see? Snooze them for
30 days. You can even unfollow/friend them too. Most platforms allow you to choose
your audience when you post. You can often do this by the post, in addition to the
settings. Be sure to check your privacy settings after an update!
One last thing, remember to have fun. If it’s stressing you out, back out and take a break!
Lisa Hurley,
Executive Director
York County Development Corporation

601 N Lincoln Ave.
York, NE 68467


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