Details for CHANCES R RESTAURANT - Ad from 2021-10-13

The Chances “R”
Restaurant and
Lounge, located at
124 West 5th Street
in York, Nebraska
is locally owned
and operated by the
Raymond & Shirley
Reetz family.
The business was
originated in 1932
by Hiney Neufeld,
and was known as
the “Cozy Lunch”.
operated the
business until
1937 when it
was sold to
Robert and
Roy Schultz
(father and
son). Shirley’s
father and
mother, Roy and
Thelma (Mimi)
Schultz operated
the Cozy Lunch

to 180 people.
The name then
changed to Chances
“R” Restaurant.
Expansion was risky,
“Chances are we’ll
go broke,” Raymond
confided to Shirley,
“but I want to give it
a try.” This was also
when off premises
catering to local
from 1937 to 1957,
and surrounding
when Raymond
areas began. In
and Shirley Reetz
August 1978, their
purchased the
daughter and sonbusiness. At that
in-law Suzanne
time, the seating
capacity was only 50 and Tom Vanous
joined the restaurant
people. Raymond
and Shirley managed as partners in the
the business as
the Cozy Lunch
In 1983 the
until 1964. Then
additional buildings restaurant was
remodeled and
were bought
once more,
to include
the Hob-Nob
Lounge and the
Beer Garden.
This increased
the seating
capacity to
550 people.
and completely
The building
remodeled which
was redecorated
increased the
with mahogany
seating capacity

woodwork, stained
glass, and brass in
the lounge, West
Dining Room, and
Shir-Ray Rooms;
oak woodwork in
the East Dining
Room. The TommySuz Beer Garden is
more casual, with
a mix of old time
furnishings, antique
gas pumps, signs
and memorabilia.
The restaurant
attracts people from
distant points
to enjoy
pastries, pan
fried chicken,
steaks, tender
prime rib,
seafood and
many other
dishes. The
restaurant is open
seven days a week;
Monday - Saturday
11:00 am – 9:00 pm
and Sunday 11 am 3 pm. We also host a
lavish salad bar from
11 am – 2 pm
Monday - Friday.
Local delivery

service, offering
anything from our
menu, is available

number one tour bus
stop for the state of
Nebraska. Raymond

Daily from 11:00
am – 2:00 pm for

and Shirley Reetz
received the honor of
being named as the
1994 “Restauranteurs
of the Year” by the
Nebraska Restaurant
Raymond & Shirly
Reetz retired in
2008 after owning
Chances “R” for
more than 50
years. Chances “R”
Restaurant and
Lounge continued
to be owned and
operated by their
family, Tom &
Suzanne Vanous,
until September
2021 – when Bryan
and Renee Jantz took
over ownership.

lunch and 5:00
pm – 9:00 pm for
dinner. Chances
“R” Restaurant
and Lounge has
been featured in
several magazine
and newspaper
articles and has been
recognized as the


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